• December 2018: Beta server online.
Submit to Bayes Explorer
Bayes Explorer I provides estimates for concentration of metabolites.

Please provide a CSV (comma-separated value) file that contains an estimate for the identity of metabolites and their concentrations.

CSV File

Please provide a zip file that contains the processed NMR spectrum (1r) within its standard directory structure.

At the command line, you can zip files in multiple directories by using the command "zip -r dir1 dir2 dir3 ...."

Zip file

Note: The algorithm does not require that the identities and concentrations provided by the user be completely accurate. This is used as a starting point (a prior). Better priors lead to faster run times and more accurate results. You will be contacted at the email provided when the results are ready, and will be provided with a spreadsheet and instructions for interpreting the results.

Disclaimer: The data uploaded to this server is kept safe, and communicated to the owners of the data only. The data uploaded to this server is utilized in a very limited way to improve the long run analytics performance of the Bayesian engine.